Mile High Dance Classes

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Children's Combination Dance Classes

We offer classes for children beginning at age two in our Ballet & Tap Combo Class!  In this class, our dancers learn to express themselves creatively and begin to learn the basics of ballet and tap. We offer a class for children ages 2-3 and then the next level for children ages 3-4. Beginning at age 4, we offer combination classes in different styles like Hip Hop and Tumbling!

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Jazz Pom

Pom classes focus on preparing dancers for high school, college, or professional dance teams.  These classes teach sharp, clean "pom" arm motions through across the floor and pom combinations.  Classes also concentrate on the many “skills” that are required by dance teams such as jumps, leg holds, leaps, and turns.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence.   Derived from a combination of jazz funk and street jazz, this style of dance requires high energy, attention to detail and an understanding of complex rhythms.

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The ballet program teaches dancers strong technique through traditional ballet.  Students will learn proper placement, turnout, technique and vocabulary in a disciplined environment.  This will develop strong work ethics and discipline in a positive atmosphere, which will build self-esteem. Ballet is the basis for all other forms of dance and we recommend ballet to every dancer.  Pointe classes are by teacher approval.

Mile High Dance Center Tap Class


The rhythm and movement of tap. created by the metal taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes, transforms the dancer into a percussive musician.  Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats not only in music but in their own bodies. 

Mile High Dance Center Lyrical Class

Lyrical / Contemporary

Lyrical/Contemporary classes are taught using ballet, jazz, and modern technique.  This style of dance is very interpretive to the music and allows students the ability to express more emotion through dance.

Mile High Dance Center Jazz Class


Our Jazz classes focus on building strong technique, strength, and flexibility.  The classes incorporate stretching, across the floor combinations, and jazz routines.  The dancers will learn different turns, jumps, leaps, and extensions while incorporating them into many different styles of jazz.

Mile High Dance Center Technique

Turns, Jumps & Technique

These classes are designed to train dancers in turns and leaps/jumps.  Dancers will do many exercises to build core strength and technique.  These classes focus on building strength and power for jumps and leaps.  The classes incorporate jumps and leaps in the center, across the floor, and in combinations.

Mile High Dance Center Tumbling

Acrobatics & Tumbling

Similar to gymnastics, Acrobatics is a great tool for every dancer to have.  This class focuses on tumbling skills that incorporate balance, agility, and motor coordination while working on flexibility, strength and confidence.