Tuition & Policies

 Tuition Rates and Studio Policies 2019-2020 Season

Tuition Rates:

45 mins to 1 hr/week = $75/month

1.5 hr/week = $90/month

2 hr/week = $115/month

3 hr/week = $155/month

4 hr/week = $195/month

5 hr/week = $220/month

6 hr/week = $240/month

7 hr/week = $250/month

8 hr/week = $260/month

9 hr/week = $270/month

10+ hr/week = $280/month (unlimited)

Class Levels:

Combination Classes (classes offered in two styles for one hour) - Ages 2-7 

Level 1 - Ages 6-9 

Level 2 - Ages 8-12 (2+ years experience)

Level 3* - Ages 10+ (4+ years experience)

Level 4* - Ages 12+ (6+ years experience)

Teen - Ages 11+ (beg/int experience)

*Requires Teacher Approval

**Level 3 & 4 Ballet students are required to take 2 Ballet classes per week.

Tuition Policies:

  • All new students are offered one free trial lesson.

  • Before starting classes, please complete the registration form and pay your first month’s tuition online.

  • You will be billed every month, at the beginning of each month, once you are registered. If you will be discontinuing lessons, please email the studio or submit a written drop request form, so we can stop billing your account. You must give 30 days notice in order to cancel enrollment during a session. The fall session runs from August through December. The spring session runs from January through June.

  • Invoices will be emailed and are available to view on your customer portal. Invoices will not be mailed home.

  • All tuition is due on the 1st of each month. A late fee will be assessed on the 15th for $25. Mile High Dance Center reserves the right to stop lessons due to non-payment and drop stop students from classes.

  • If you wish to change your classes, you must confirm with the front desk manager before starting the new classes.

  • Mile High Dance Center will prorate tuition if a student registers during the middle of the month. However, we do not refund for classes dropped mid-month.

  • You may make up any missed class whether it was missed on your behalf or due to weather. Make-ups are to be taken within three months of the missed class.

  • If you are enrolled in a full class, you must pay full tuition each month to remain registered for the class. Non-payment or excessive absences will forfeit your spot in the class.

  • Mile High Dance Center does not charge for the occasional 5th week lesson in a given month. However, we do not give refunds for classes closed due to holidays. Students are encouraged to make up technique classes due to closed days.

  • All credit card payments can be made online with an option to set up automatic payment. If you would like to be enrolled in our autopay system, please inform the desk manager. All major credit cards are accepted. You must have a credit card on file with Jackrabbit.

  • Cash, check and credit cards will be accepted in studio.

  • Returned checks will be charged an additional $25 along with the original payment.

Studio Class and Lobby Policies

  • All children must be supervised when they are not in class. We are not responsible for students when they are not in class.

  • Your children may take only water bottles into the classrooms.

  • Please ALWAYS walk your children into the studio. Many people drive quickly in our parking lots. We want to ensure the safety of all of our customers.

  • When picking up, we recommend that you walk in to pick up your students or instruct them to walk on the sidewalk only. Again, the parking lot can be dangerous and we want to ensure the safety of all customers.

Dress Code

Ballet Classes

Ladies -

  • All Thursday ballet classes are required to wear a black leotard, pink footed or convertible tights (no footless tights) and ballet slippers

  • Split-Sole Pink Ballet Slippers with elastics sewn on and drawstrings tucked neatly inside the shoe

  • Hair must be pulled back neatly and securely into a bun

  • No jewelry, ballet skirts, shorts or warm-ups during class

Gentlemen -

  • Black Shorts or Fitted Pants

  • Fitted Plain White Shirt

  • Black Split-Sole Ballet Shoes and Thin White Socks


Hip Hop Classes

  • No oversized clothing items (unless approved by instructor)

  • Only sneakers that aren’t worn outside permitted

  • Hair needs to be pulled back securely

  • No jewelry

Combination Children’s Classes

Girls -

  • Ballet combination classes need PINK BALLET SLIPPERS (drawstrings tucked neatly inside the shoe) with a Leotard and Tights

  • Tap combination classes need BLACK TAP SHOES with elastic bands (no ribbon ties please)

  • Hair needs to be pulled back securely into a pony or bun

Boys -

  • Athletic Shorts or Sweatpants

  • T-shirt

  • Black Ballet or Jazz Shoes and/or Black Tap Shoes

All Other Classes

  • Dance shorts or Leggings (must be form fitting and easy to stretch and move in)

  • Fitted tanks or t-shirts.

  • Crop/Bra Tops are NEVER acceptable in classes -- No Stomachs Showing!

  • Appropriate Shoes (jazz shoes for jazz & pom, pirouettes for lyrical, etc.)


  • Hair needs to be pulled back securely into a pony or bun.

Team Practices the week of competition:


  • BLACK dance shorts or Leggings (must be form fitting and easy to stretch and move in)

  • BLACK Fitted tank or t-shirt (team tank is o.k.)

  • Hair needs to be pulled back securely into a pony or bun.

  • Dancers must have the appropriate dance shoes for specific team.


  • Hair must be pinned or tied back.

  • No students in the Dance Studios without supervision.

  • No large jewelry.

  • No Gum/Food/ Drinks in the Dance Studios. Clear water only in a bottle with a lid that can be sealed.

  • Keep all personal belongings in the cubbies.

  • Leave cell phones off or on silent during classes.

  • Parents and dancers, please do not interrupt a class to speak with a teacher or student.

  • Please wear appropriate shoes for each class. No street shoes are allowed in the studios.

  • Please check the dress code for specific rules for each class and dress appropriately.

  • Clean up after yourself. Treat Mile High Dance Center like your home away from home.

  • Treat classmates/teammates, teachers, staff, and parents with respect at all times.

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring into class… a good attitude goes a LONG way!


Small Class Policy

  • Classes with at least four students will run for its entirety.

  • Classes with 2-3 students will run for 45 minutes.

  • Classes with 1 student will run for 30 minutes.

Any class that has 1-3 students is considered a private lesson. A class must have at least four students to remain open. No classes will be cancelled during the month of August to accommodate registering students. Thank you for your cooperation.